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What drove me to start Quartermaster

My journey started in high-fashion, where I saw a gap for better, more reliable business support. I'm all about helping smaller businesses grow big. With my experience in everything from fashion to food and cars, I'm here to help you crack the California market while you keep things running back in Europe.

- Quartermaster California CEO/founder Huib Stad

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The core QM Team

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with diverse expertise.

Samantha Knock

Marketing and Communications

A San Diego local, Samantha provides full-service marketing strategy and execution, working with budgets both large and small for scalable, reliable growth.

Huib Stad


A longtime Amsterdam resident, Huib has decades of experience in import/export. It is his passion to help Dutch businesses thrive from his new home base in San Diego.

Our Advisory Board

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with diverse expertise.

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Navigating California’s opportunities from San Diego

With a GSP (€3.5T) larger than that of France’s GDP (€2.7T) and almost 40M potential customers, establishing your business in California can be tremendously rewarding — when you have the right partner. Our mission is to make it easy for Dutch businesses to establish themselves and reap the benefits of California’s strong economy.

Location, location, location

San Diego has 3.5 million residents – it’s the second largest city in California, and eighth largest in the US. From this coastal city close to Los Angeles, it’s easy to cover the whole Southern California area. San Diego’s proximity to Mexico also means closer relationships with Mexican manufacturers.

America’s Finest City

It’s not just a nickname — ‘America’s Finest City’ is how people in the United States view San Diego. As people, entrepreneurs, and businesses flee the Bay Area, many are chasing the lifestyle San Diego offers, making for a deep well of world-class talent. Added bonus: you’ll love it here, too.

Global conference capital

The San Diego Convention Center is a haven for domestic and international conferences, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a state-of-the art facility in a perfect location. No need to spend money traveling the world to showcase your brand; people and businesses come to us.

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