Your people on the ground in California

Our team is composed of reliable local experts who have years of experience helping businesses grow. We’re here to shepherd your business into a huge, thriving market with innovation, efficiency, and ruthless execution.

Meet our Team

Core Team

Huib Stad

A longtime Amsterdam resident, Huib has decades of experience in import/export. It is his passion to help Dutch businesses thrive from his new home base in San Diego.

Diane "Dee" Green
General Manager

Diane is the binding force for our team, overseeing the business with a strong operational focus and brings her exceptional attention to detail to every client and project.

Corrine Ishio
Human Resources

With a warm touch and a thorough approach, Corrine is passionate about connecting people and businesses from her homebase in San Diego.

Lisa Fristik
Human Resources

As one of our talent acquisition partners, Lisa brings deep operational knowledge and creative problem-solving skills to address your business’ people needs.

Samantha Knock
Marketing and Communications

A San Diego local, Samantha provides full-service marketing strategy and execution, working with budgets both large and small for scalable, reliable growth.

Howard Mayo
Financial Advisor

Howard is an experienced finance leader specializing in B2B AND B2C Import Distribution, Manufacturing, Construction, and Service Industries.

Nick Shipley
Product Requirements

Nick has leveraged his aerospace engineering degree at technical and management roles in a range of high-technology focused companies.

Tamar Schaap
Customer Data Expert

Tamar ensures that each individual customer journey is tailored to provide a robust, informative, and delightful experience.


Serving businesses across industries

Our experts have deep experience serving businesses in the automotive, mobility, appliance, consumer packaged goods, consumer durables, luxury goods, and sports industries. Got a different kind of business? Reach out anyway, and we’ll do our best to help.

Industry Experts

Your team of industry experts will reliably shepherd your business into California's market.

Tailored Solutions

Your team grows in tandem with your business, whether you need one person or an entire team.


What our experts bring to the table

As a business, you know that one of the most challenging obstacles to growth is finding the right people, and making sure they’re in the right place at the right time. That’s why we have a fierce focus on building a team from only the best and brightest — people who will care for your business almost as much as you do.

The support your business actually needs

We’re strong believers in scalable business solutions, and know how to run lean operations. We ensure you have who you need, when you need them. Your team grows in tandem with you.

We find the people, you enjoy the results

You don’t need to learn about the intricacies of hiring practices, regulations, and paperwork in California. We take care of the people and the process, so you can focus on your business.

Staff at the speed of hypergrowth

Our deep networks, proven practices, and streamlined onboarding processes mean that as soon as you have a need, we will be able to fill it with reliable, dedicated experts.

Fractional leaders for affordable expertise

Exceptional talent in the US can be expensive, and it doesn't always make financial or business sense to hire a full-time leader. We have incredible leaders helming your business projects for only the hours a week you need them, so you enjoy high-level expertise without bearing high-level costs.

We’re ready to help: meet with us

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