Why I started Quartermaster California

The idea for Quartermaster California arose from my experience as an executive at a company producing high-fashion durables. When we were looking toward international expansion, I encountered unaccountable agents delivering below expectations. It felt almost impossible to deliver reliable growth for my company without being there on the ground myself, taking care of the things I found I couldn’t rely on the agents for. And no matter how much coffee I drank, I couldn’t be in two places at once.

This experience lingered in the back of my mind for years, even as I was a part of successful international expansions in other industries, including consumer durables, automotive, mobility, luxury goods, and consumer packaged goods. I always found that the successful expansions were the ones where we found the right people and put them in place. No amount of system optimization or budget increases could substitute for reliable people.

When I made the move from Amsterdam to California in 2023, I was ready to take a break from a long, busy career. I looked forward to enjoying San Diego’s famously beautiful weather and relaxing in the California lifestyle. But something odd kept happening…

Now that I was in California full-time, old friends and colleagues reached out to me to be their eyes and ears on the ground for the possibility of their expansion. I admired their courage and was humbled by the trust they placed in me. Soon enough, I realized something: I was in the unique position to provide a different approach to international expansion — an approach borne from years of experience coaching and collaborating with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and marketing professionals, sharing insights and facilitating knowledge transfer.

I live in constant admiration of the businesses people build — the inventions, innovations, and integrity that come together to make the world a better place. When I connect with a business that I get excited about, there is nothing more fun to me than to help that business open doors and expand to fulfill their greatest potential.

As a business economist and entrepreneur, I am dedicated to helping businesses succeed in California, while the people behind the products focus on what they do best in Europe. While you continue creating products and services that change the world, I’ll be your quartermaster — the reliable person on the ground shepherding your innovations into the California marketplace.

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